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Cayo Admin Assistant(tm) delivers the missing layer of Automation and IT Rule enforcement for your Microsoft
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11 November 2013

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Every company today lays onus on keeping its systems in order so as to ensure a hassle free workflow. Also like a machine that needs regular oiling and other checkups, your computer system also requires a regular maintenance and monitoring. The process of computer monitoring and maintenance can be carried out manually. But in case you are not there to take care of your PC, you surely cannot alloy any other untrusted person to do it. Hence get hold of Cayo Admin Assistant 2.0 that can replace your daily administrative procedures with its innovative algorithm and carry out the process of administration as exactly you have set it to. Further it has the capability to monitor and repair issues of the system.

In technical terms Cayo Admin Assistant 2.0 weaves a missing thread that can hold Automation as well as IT Rule enforcement of MS infrastructure that is getting executed in your office, mobile or cloud. Cayo Admin Assistant 2.0 automates the daily basis jobs related to administration and enforces IT business policies. Additionally the tool keeps an eye on all the systems that are running and ensures that deliver best performance. It has an inbuilt Active directory management extension and offers support in MS Exchange management as well as latest office 365 Management. When any errors are detected by the solution the application will immediately notify you about the glitches via your email. This will be a big boost for you to jump into action and carry out all the necessary steps that can aid in easy and effective repairing of the systems without system.

Cayo Admin Assistant 2.0 hence can be called as a savior in times of need and can be a trusted friend whenever you are not there to keep an eye on administrative process. It wins 3 star rating for its efficacy and intuitive interface.

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Cayo Admin Assistant( delivers the missing layer of Automation and IT Rule enforcement for your Microsoft Infrastructure while unifying on-premises, mobile and cloud administration. Admin Assistant is at work even when you are not. By automating day-to-day administration and enforcement of IT business policies, Admin Assistant ensures systems are secure and run as intended. Watch a demo or buy a permanent license at
Includes built-in Active Directory Management Extension. Support for Microsoft Exchange Management and Office 365 Management are also available. Support for a variety of the most popular IT systems added frequently.
- On-going Maintenance & Cleanup for avoiding outages & security problems
- Bulk Administration to improve admin Efficiency
- Enforcement of IT Business Policy for security & compliance
- Administrative Automation for Admin Efficiency
- Email Notifications to Administrators or Users when needed
Don't run your IT by relying on memory to follow potentially error-prone and manual procedures or by downloading and running suspicious and possibly dangerous and scripts! Admin Assistant provides a unified Administrative interface for your hybrid IT environment. Now with a single console, administrators can manage their overall operation with confidence.
The introduction of Cloud and Mobile has made day-to-day Administration, adherence to IT Business Practices more complex and costly. The slew of separate management interfaces (or sometimes missing administrative interfaces) means jumping between disconnected islands of administration. Hopping between management interfaces takes time, increase errors, adds costs and reduces IT employee productivity. Admin Assistant solves these problems with pre-built rules designed to efficiently perform key administrative tasks so you can concentrate on the more important aspects of IT.
Cayo Admin Assistant
Cayo Admin Assistant
Version 2.0
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